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Sectorchestra – No morchestra [THN081]

Jan 0
geschätzte Lesedauer: 2 Minuten

Diese Woche ist es wieder soweit gewesen – ein neuer Thinner-Release erschien. Diesmal Danny Kreutzfeld als Sectorchestra mit seinem Abschied No morchestra. Ich war selbst nicht so begeistert von meinem Text, deswegen wundert es mich auch nicht, dass er total umgeschrieben wurde.


This release is special. Not only because it’s Danny Kreutzfeldt’s return to Thinner after his last EP from fall 2003 but also because it is the farewell of his Sectorchestra project.

„No Morchestra“ is a vast collection of tracks created in the past years that are now compiled into a constitutive album format. Sectorchestra is/was Danny Kreutzfeldt’s project for abstract atmospheric house constructions. The contributions Danny did on Thinner under the Sectorchestra guise were known to be discrete releases, critics favourites, with both richness and diversity in terms of sound and aesthetics. Although this is the last Sectorchestra one, this vibrant danish bedroom scientist always has many other projects running so just check out his homepage to see his upcoming releases.

Speaking about his overall output, Danny gains creative incitement from the darker sides of the human soul. To my ears, Sectorchestra has a special touch of fantastic advanced dungeons (AD & D) complexity clickhouse, that is original enough to make you feel unsure whether these grooves are intended for humid chamber floors or for atmospheric homelistening sessions in darkness that can turn out quite eerie. For sure Sectorchestra is a listening experience that demands attention from the listener, unlikely to many arbitrary dubby ambient releases this exemplar of release unveils it’s craft by carefully listening to the detailism inside. Immediately you will figure that Sectorchestra is not about the chubby warmth many dub insprired recordings offer, in fact „No Morchestra“ is the perfect complement to it by offering abstract, yet chilly mechanic clickhouse with inevitable groovey antipoles relating to the 4/4 grid.

Gently slow and humid grooving downbeats open up the album. The first cut „People And The Things They Do“ slowly marches distributing tantalisingly accentuated hats shooting first dub polar spells. This opener for this sinister journey is followed up by „Tabula Rasa“ that carries on with different, more cautious beats but also more deep dripstone dubs. „Danish Throatsinging Dub“ stays beyond ground level and grumbles with background throats that are diametral to this careful, almost marine tranquility whose signals originate from the calm twinkling background strings.

„Taking It Back“ then makes a cut with compact minimal winding beats that lead on to the 4/4 parts of the album. „Muted Day“ creeps on the fragmented floor with bumping, fumbling crackles. Using a large spectrum of sound creation Sectorchestra moves from Jeannefair’s vocals in „Downwards“ to a more raw n dirty attituded motörhead clickhouse in „Extinguish my flame“ to finally rotate into the twisted rhythmic drum patterns „Jamaica Hub“ offers. „Redub (Version)“ is a pool of rhythmic shifting microscope dubs while the outro „More Jingles“ is instrumentalized with only a multiple modified jingle sample, a treated snare and a stretched pan pipe.

And then it is over, a trippy hour journey into the evocative dungeons of Sectorchestra. One of the most consequent projects is closing it’s gates to descend into the abyss, however the legacy remains.

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