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Protogroup – Love gives strength to my soul [APL037]

Jan 0

Beim Durchsehen meiner Feeds stellte ich fest, dass der Protogroup-Release veröffentlicht wurde. Sehr empfehlenswert, die Scheibe! Entspannen bei Meditative Ambient Spheres.


After exploring the Highlands with Emil Klotzsch's "Tiefe Berge" Autoplates journey continues to a city that is famous for its culture and the White Nights - St. Petersburg/Russia. Protogroup with their new release "Loves Gives Strength To My Soul" started with a classical background to make their first experiments in electronic music in 1995. Influenced by The Orb and F.S.O.L. they created their first ambient sounds in 1999 along with a spiritual awakening.

"Love Gives Strength To My Soul" is a continuous journey through emotions and spiritual experiences of the two russian composers. It uses harmonical sounds that climb up from the deep to get digitally chopped into pieces and fall back to the floor again. Carried with these sounds are samples from operas, movies and from chinese iron balls like in "Medisphere Gift Anastasia". The titles of the tracks refer to places, intimate thoughts and are sometimes a little bit encrypted to give them a foreign finish.

The emotional part of the album reflects all facettes that come along with love. If the listener tries to get to the bottom of the meaning of this album and ask the essential question he'll see that the tracks of this album are more like answers instead of questions. Starting from the quest for the human being down to the problem of how we sense love. If it's just an electric signal in our brain can even a computer feel love? And how can we remember these moments of love - are they are hidden behind sounds, presents or places? Rich but also open strings and the accompanying piano remind of times of loss but on the other hand of hope and happiness.

Without a sensible interrupt the album changes from the emotional to spiritual side. The answer of the strength of the soul is hidden in the track "Power / Weakness" when it says:

"Let become true what was wished. Let they believe. Let they laugh about their passion because what they call passion is not the spiritual energy, but the friction between the soul and the external world. But the main thing is, let them believe in themselves and let them be helpless like children because the weakness is great, and the power is insignificant. When man is born he is weak and flexible, when he dies he is strong and dry. When the tree is growing, it is tender and flexible, when it is dry and strong - it dies. The hardness and strength are the friends of death. Flexibleness and weakness are telling about the freshness of being. So what became hard will not win."

Join Protogroup on their near 70 minutes long melodic ambient trip through emotions and feelings.

Und siehe da…

Jan 0

Der Autoplate-Text für die Protogroup - Love gives strength to my soul [APL037] ist raus, Sebastian, seines Zeichens Labelchef, meint es wäre der beste Text, den ich bis jetzt geschrieben habe.

Da noch etwas Zeit vergehen wird, bis die APL039 bereit steht, schlug er mir vor, den Text zu Ben Businovski - Nonexistant anime [THN089] zu schreiben. Das Album habe ich vorhin heruntergeladen und bin gerade beim Durchhören. Soweit ich bereits weiß, ist Ben Businovski ein Amerikaner der in Südkorea lebt und mit seinem Album die High-Tech-Welt Asiens erkundet, in Verbindung mit Grundzügen, die heutige Künstler in den 80er Jahren beeinflusst hat. Wieviel ist von dem, was damals Science fiction war, schon Realität und was war Wunschdenken?

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Motionfield – Music for Pictures [APL034]

Jan 0

Ich habe heute morgen festgestellt, dass ich noch den Text zu Motionfield's Music for Pictures schuldig bin. Der Beitrag wird entsprechend dem Erscheinungsdatum zurückdatiert und die Warm Moody Shores of Ambient können sich frei entfalten.

Transforming pictures into music is the motivation of the Swede Petter Friberg. At the age of 10, during the age of electronic innovators like Jean-Michel Jarre, Brian Eno and Kraftwerk, Petter did experiments using tape recorders. Together with Thomas Krome and friends he built up a studio during the mid 90's, listening to The Orb, F.S.O.L. and Aphex Twin. The efforts resulted in several techno/house 12''s under his 'Superstereo' moniker, but more recently Petter unveiled a new project with 'Motionfield', more focusing on warm, spheric ambient electronica with influences from Jazz and Field Recordings.

As the title of this release prompts, Petter thinks that songs convey static pictures. These recreate either a painted mood or the very moment of a photography. Living in the beautiful swedish countryside, surrounded by lots of untouched nature, Motionfield tries to express the moving pictures in his head with the help of moody electronic music. If you listen carefully you will figure that the tracks are internally split into pieces. These pieces seamlessly melt into each other and create a mental break in between, a transition to a new aural scenery, where both computers and analog synthesizers can be heard.

The musical journey starts with "The Colour of Water", a voyage within the depths of the dark blue ocean where distant sound of whales becomes audible. The scenery approaches the shores and finally leaves the water, taking a look at the play of light on the surface of the wide open ocean. Continuing with "Falling in Stillness" the listener enjoys staying at home watching outside the windows on a rainy day, listening to sounds that appear apart from the crackling rain on the window. With the rain fading out slowly, a warm cocoon of silence spreads that features a warm slowly swelling and returning sound.

The next image in the gallery is "Nothern Sky", yet again a warm and organic track with warm surrounding atmospheric sounds that convey a feeling of broken skies which are formed by long days in summer and by long nights in winter. When night falls feathery shivers of solar wind streak the magnetic field of the earth resulting in a glowing nocturnal sky. Closing this EP, with the last picture of Motionfields gallery he escorts a cargo of coffee from the misty dulled penchants carried by a train to the coffee machine that creates a smell of fresh warm coffee floating in waves across the room, stimulating the olfactory nervs.

With "Music for pictures" Petter Friberg conjures a gallery of pictures and moods that carry on the thought of the titles and create their own world, full of comfortable depths to dive into. Well done!

Off The Sky – Caustic Light EP [APL033]

Jan 0

Gestern wurde die neue Autoplate Caustic light EP von Off The Sky veröffentlicht. Jason Corder lieferte mir eine sehr gute Vorlage, die ich in seinen Text voller Warm Guitar Poetry Ambience einbaute.


To gain insight into Off The Sky's (Jason Corder) current work we cast a ray through "Caustic Light EP". A new release on autoplate after his "Studies of Form in Transit" [APL014] and "The Transitions" [APL027] (under his old moniker Color By Numbers). This EP grew up evolutionary to what it is now - a collection of four tracks whose atmosphere is created by guitar particles and floating ambient scapes.

When asked what the story behind this "caustic light" concept was, Jason responded, "While the songs evolved, textures and subtleties were molded around a pre-existing idea surrounding caustic light play. The constant random patterns of light at the bottom of a pool or from light cutting through crystals and dancing on a table in prismic fashion always caught my childhood imagination leaving a strange, sentimentaly charged residue. The memories of these caustics has been translated with guitar notes being chopped into granulated shards of sound. The guitar always will, be an instrument that has an illuminus tone to it - especially the higher notes and the picked harmonics like those in 'through time stained windows'. Also the sign wave seems a perfectly synonymous paralell to steady beams of lights...

So lately dreams have been a prevelent activity for me. An awareness point has been reached in REM of being cognative enough to notice a low, constant dancing of light surrounding objects. There is always a soft, elusive ring flooding my peripheral dream window similar to an effect used to simulate memory floods in an old film called 'Dark City'.

This effect in a recent lucid dream, birthed an idea for a poem. All of the titles of each track of the EP are all sucessive lines from this short poem which is titled 'requiem inconnu'. It is an ambiguous story from the last moment memories of an old man as his soul escapes.

her soft circumference, dripping lightly, diffuses... like caustic light bending backwards through time stained windows

The old man, an unknown, lonely hermit, remembers back, like in a dream, to a watery memory of a prevalent past lover. In his time stained mind's eye, her form bends and flips around like caustic light crawling on coral beneath an abstract ocean. This is his last vision of love lost and love gained again at last through the bridge of his eternal memory.

So each song title essentialy stands on its own but also the whole of all the titles make up a pertinant paragraph of poetry that coincides with the core concept for the album - a track title poem."

With this EP Jason creates a bridge to his upcoming release 'it is impossible to say just what i mean' due out on Stilll records in Belgium this September (www.stilll.org).

What’s next?

Jan 0

MotionfieldWährend ich immer noch auf die Veröffentlichung von Off The Sky - Caustic light [APL033] warte, kann ich mich schon mal beruhigt an die nächsten beiden Releases wagen, die bis zu meinem Urlaub fertig sein müssen.

Zum einen wäre das die Motionfield - Music for picture [APL034] und zum anderen Sectorchestra - No morchestra [THN081]. Endlich mal wieder ein Thinner-Release auf meiner Liste. Aber ich freu mich schon viel mehr auf die Reaktion von Petter Friberg, der hinter Motionfield steckt. Dieses Album ist wirklich brilliant und ich werde keine Zeit und Mühen scheuen, dass auch mit Worten zur Geltung zu bringen. Seine aktuelle Veröffentlichung ist auf Stadtgruen erschienen, einem Netlabel für Techno und Ambient, wo man auch folgendes Bild von Petter findet.

Bei dem Bild kommt mir auch schon eine Idee, wie ich das Ganze aufziehe...

Nach dem Review ist vor dem Review

Jan 0

Ich habe mir die letzten Tage die neuen Tracks für die Reviews der APL032 und APL033 heruntergeladen und schon mal angehört. Über Sebastian habe ich auch schon die Kontaktadressen, sodass alles bereit ist, die Reviews zu schreiben. Ein bißchen Zeit habe ich diesmal - you dee - Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten soll am 18.7. veröffentlicht werden und die Off The Sky - Caustic Light EP zwei Wochen später.

Nachtrag 06.07.:

Die Veröffentlichung von you dee ist eine Kooperation mit onitor, die seit heute einen Hinweis auf den kommenden Release geschaltet haben.

Lou Teti – Night Pieces EP [APL031]

Jan 0

Jetzt veröffentlicht: Die Autoplate APL031. Ich bin froh, dass die Anzahl der Modifikationen immer weniger wird :)

"Night pieces" contrasts sharply to Lou Tetis productions together with Jason Kriveloff as BGB or The Moves, where they mostly produce clashy house grooves using samples and synthesizers. Being BGB, Lou and Jason published works on Hamburgs Dessous Records, Coco Machete and Central Park Recordings. With "Night Pieces" it's entirely different though. Those songs have been collected over the past few years, combining tracks where melodies originate from acoustic guitars but rhythmic bodies are created with electronic devices. With the guitar being his first instrument to learn 15 years ago, Lou has a special relation to this instrument, which is a rather intimate one as you might agree to after listening to this release. Probably he turns off the mixing unit after his work as recording engineer, plays guitar and watches the sun setting and the night rising up. Later he adds an electronic sphere around his guitar sounds to make this atmosphere audible. Lou's intention is to give the listener a chance to stop by - and think. The opener "Days by" feels like a warm summer evening where all of your friends are invited. Sit down and talk about the time spent together. This mood created by a warm floating bass is enhanced by the acoustic guitar which adds a loose feeling. The sun is sinking and it's still possible to feel the warmth of day. Perhaps it's the last time to see your friends for a long time because you are moving to a new city. Remember the first night? You can't sleep and went out for a walk and put one foot in front of the other on and on again. Everything was completly new. You look around and the pictures directly float into your mind. Unfamiliar sounds fall into your ears and represent the contrast between the guitar and the low pitched bass. The noises echo on the walls like the drums "Stroll" uses. A few years later you move again. "Stoli Part 2" sounds like you went coincidently the same way you did the first time. You remember that first walk but this time it feels more homelike, with the landscape sound changing, these streets became a part of you. In this town you lived you made a lot of new friends. One of them is walking besides you. You never imagined that this person would become a friend of you. But there were these little connections between each other. It's interesting to see how these points react and interweave to a net, where aspects are created and similarities kept. Just like the Arrial Remix to "Stoli Part 2". Lou and Arrial are connected to their favour of using acoustic guitars and combine it with electronic music. So Arrials Remix is the impression of an old friend who lives in the same city as you.


Jan 0

Erleichterung macht sich breit. Sebastian hat mir angeboten, dass Schreiben des Textes für die THN075 abzunehmen. Es ärgert mich aber, dass ich es nicht selber schaffe. Er wollte noch ein paar Fragen wissen, die ich Christian gestellt hätte. Kein Problem - als ich damit fertig war, merkte ich, dass das es vom Umfang schon wieder extrem viel ist. Ja, das Album hat einen sehr konzeptuellen Hintergrund, wo man viel hinterfragen kann.

Also werde ich mir jetzt die nächsten Releases vornehmen, um etwas ruhiger zu starten. Der nächste Release wäre wieder eine Autoplate, die von You Dee kommt und auf den Titel hört Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten *g* Als ich auf die Mail sah und mir die nächsten Releases anguckte, stellte ich fest: Danach kommt noch eine Autoplate. Diesmal Off The Sky mit der Caustic light EP.

Schreiben, schreiben, schreiben

Jan 0

Ich habe die letzten Tage viel Zeit damit verbracht, mir die neue tlon - "Elsewhere to nowhere" (Autoplate) anzuhören. Immer wieder das Konzept durchgelesen, das Konzept auf die Lieder übertragen, Ideen niedergeschrieben. Nun ist er endlich fertig und muß nur nochmal gelesen werden und dann kann er schon zu Abstimmung mit tlon geschickt werden. Dann steht einer Veröffentlichung nichts mehr im Weg. Und ich hoffe mal, dass diesmal nichts schief geht - siehe Die Geschichte eines Reviews.

Wenn es dann soweit ist - werde ich es mir nicht nehmen lassen, den Text + und den Link zum Release nachzutragen!

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