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Protogroup – Love gives strength to my soul [APL037]

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Beim Durchsehen meiner Feeds stellte ich fest, dass der Protogroup-Release veröffentlicht wurde. Sehr empfehlenswert, die Scheibe! Entspannen bei Meditative Ambient Spheres.


After exploring the Highlands with Emil Klotzsch’s „Tiefe Berge“ Autoplates journey continues to a city that is famous for its culture and the White Nights – St. Petersburg/Russia. Protogroup with their new release „Loves Gives Strength To My Soul“ started with a classical background to make their first experiments in electronic music in 1995. Influenced by The Orb and F.S.O.L. they created their first ambient sounds in 1999 along with a spiritual awakening.

„Love Gives Strength To My Soul“ is a continuous journey through emotions and spiritual experiences of the two russian composers. It uses harmonical sounds that climb up from the deep to get digitally chopped into pieces and fall back to the floor again. Carried with these sounds are samples from operas, movies and from chinese iron balls like in „Medisphere Gift Anastasia“. The titles of the tracks refer to places, intimate thoughts and are sometimes a little bit encrypted to give them a foreign finish.

The emotional part of the album reflects all facettes that come along with love. If the listener tries to get to the bottom of the meaning of this album and ask the essential question he’ll see that the tracks of this album are more like answers instead of questions. Starting from the quest for the human being down to the problem of how we sense love. If it’s just an electric signal in our brain can even a computer feel love? And how can we remember these moments of love – are they are hidden behind sounds, presents or places? Rich but also open strings and the accompanying piano remind of times of loss but on the other hand of hope and happiness.

Without a sensible interrupt the album changes from the emotional to spiritual side. The answer of the strength of the soul is hidden in the track „Power / Weakness“ when it says:

„Let become true what was wished. Let they believe. Let they laugh about their passion because what they call passion is not the spiritual energy, but the friction between the soul and the external world. But the main thing is, let them believe in themselves and let them be helpless like children because the weakness is great, and the power is insignificant. When man is born he is weak and flexible, when he dies he is strong and dry. When the tree is growing, it is tender and flexible, when it is dry and strong – it dies. The hardness and strength are the friends of death. Flexibleness and weakness are telling about the freshness of being. So what became hard will not win.“

Join Protogroup on their near 70 minutes long melodic ambient trip through emotions and feelings.

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